First Post

Hi! I'm Elizabeth! Welcome to my new and improved blog! (That's me and my husband below)

I'm a little rusty with the whole blog thing, but I'm super excited to start one up again! My very first blog was a 365 day photo journal that I started about 6 years ago, where I took and posted a new photo every day for a whole year. I loved it so much I actually continued with that project for a total of 1,069 days (that's 3 years - plus one leap day). It was crazy and fun and allowed me to really see the world in a whole new light. Pun, and cheesiness intended. I enjoyed it, but after 3 years non-stop, it started to feel like work. I was grasping at straws trying to figure out what to photograph and felt just plain out of creativity. So by the end of the third year I wanted to take a little break. That break ended up being almost as long as my photo project. Oops. That is not what I wanted to happen. I've missed my camera. I've missed my photography. I've missed my clients. I've missed the creative side of me. So here I am, starting this thing up again. I'm beyond excited to meet some new people, see some new sites, and photograph some new love. 

So please take your time, look at my portfolio, and give me some feedback. Or better yet, book me for a session! I can't wait to meet you!