Lara Family Photos

I had the honor of taking family portraits of the Lara family! I've known the parents, Mike and April, for about 11 years (maybe more), and I finally got to meet their adorable children, Izzy and Jr at their family session. We chose the Capitol Park for this session and arrived on a freezing Saturday morning. Ok, it wasn't literally freezing, but the grass was frozen and we could see our breath, close enough. This session only lasted about 30 minutes, which I can say is one of the fastest family sessions I've had, but the kids were ready. It was really cold. We started off with some group shots. 

Then I took Jr away to take some shots of him. He didn't really want to look at the camera, but did just enough times to take some pictures of him. Look at how handsome he is. =)

Daddy had to dance behind me for this shot. 

She's so adorable. I just wanted to hold her. =) Such a beautiful and well behaved baby. Mike and April, Izzy is just the sweetest! <3